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Popular Sweet Buns And Breads Eaten Around The World

Learn about the most popular sweet buns & breads eaten around the world.
Sweat buns and breads aren’t just eaten here in Australia, they’re popular all across the world too. Whether it’s pan de coco, brioche, conchas, cinnamon buns or anything else, you’ll be pleased to know that people far and wide are getting their fill. Find out more about the most coveted sweet buns and breads with this blog from Prima Flour.

Pan de coco - Honduras

Pan de coco is a sweet bread eaten throughout Honduras that is truly amazing. It’s filled with desiccated coconut and sugar for extra tastiness and makes for a popular treat all across the country. The name ‘pan de coco’ translates as coconut bread which provides a good clue as to the flavour on offer. This sweet bread is usually served as a dessert alongside a cup of tea or coffee.

Brioche Vendéenne - France

Brioche Vendéenne is a braided brioche made in France and rightly deserves its place on this list. Boasting a wonderful golden-colour, this mouth watering temptation is available in all shapes and sizes – be it round, oval or in the shape of a stick. To bring this sweet bread to life, bakers make a dough that is rich in eggs and sugar, and boasts the flavourful aroma of vanilla, alcohol, orange and butter when baked. Brioche Vendéenne can be eaten on its own or with a nice cup of tea.

Conchas - Mexico

Conchas is a sweet bread that hails from Mexico and has pink, white, yellow or brown sugary icing on top. Made using flour, salt, sugar, yeast, butter, eggs and milk or vanilla, it’s one way to spoil friends and family on special occasions. The word ‘conchas’ means shell, which makes sense given the top of this sweet bread resembles that of a seashell. Enjoy as is or with a warm mug of milk or hot chocolate.

Melonpan - Japan

If sweet bread buns topped with a layer of cookie dough sound good to you, then you’ll love Melonpan. These Japanese treats are delicious and get their name from a crunchy top crust that holds a criss-cross pattern, making it look just like the melon rind. Outside of Japan, this sweet bread can be found in Taiwan and China, which is great news for anyone travelling through Asia. Eat Melonpan on its own or serve with warm tea.

Cinnamon scroll - Australia

One of the most popular sweet buns in Australia is the cinnamon bun, which has remained a family favourite for countless years. These indulgent, oozing with deliciousness treats are sought after countrywide and remain a consistent pick for hungry customers. Thanks to a slightly crunchy bite, soft, fluffy dough and a cinnamon frosting, it’s no wonder they’re so tasty.

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