4 Reasons to Choose Prima Flour’s Wholegrain Flour

Whether you are a home baker or business owner looking for a healthier flour alternative, choosing to incorporate wholegrain flour into your baked goods is always a good idea.


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But with so many brands out there offering wholegrain flour in Singapore, these are the reasons that make Prima Flour’s range of wholegrain flour stand out.


Keep reading to find out more. 


1. Wholegrain flour in retail and professional packs


Looking to make a small batch of healthier baked goods for your family or friends? Or hoping to offer healthier options at your bakery? Our wholegrain flour available in both retail and professional packs is just what you need.


Select from Wholegrain Flour and Superfine Wholegrain Flour retail packs to bake a wide variety of bread, cookies and steamed buns that will satisfy all taste buds.


Our professional wholegrain flour packs are catered to businesses and come in a gross weight of 20kg perfect for baking large quantities of healthier baked goods.


2. Wholegrain flour in various textures


In line with our brand’s belief that “the right flour makes the best”, our wholegrain flour in retail and professional packs comes in various textures for bakers to experiment with.


Ranging from superfine to coarse textures, they are great for different types of baked goods that require different mouthfeels. 


3. Wholegrain flour with outstanding qualities


Our selection of wholegrain flour in professional packs, in particular, boasts outstanding qualities to give businesses the ability to choose exactly what they want according to their needs. 


For instance, the Farm Brand – SF – Wholegrain Flour – Fine has high water absorption, excellent mouthfeel and a natural wholegrain aroma. Meanwhile, the Farm Brand – RC – Wholegrain Flour – Coarse helps to achieve good volume for wholemeal bread and buns.


4. Wholegrain flour for bakers of all levels


Regardless of whether you are a beginner home baker or running an established bakery, our range of wholegrain flour products are suitable for bakers of all levels.


Our retail packs are designed to offer consumers an accessible way to give their bakes a healthier twist even while baking at home. Our professional packs, on the other hand, come in three variations and larger quantities that are formulated for businesses’ needs and success.


Get your hands on high-quality wholegrain flour in Singapore from Prima Flour


Prima Flour is a renowned flour supplier in Singapore that has built an international reputation for our consistent and high-quality flour products.


With more than 250 products to choose from, our wholegrain flour options have been the hero products of our healthier flour range for years.


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Kickstart your journey to healthier baking today by selecting from retail or professional packs to meet your unique needs. 


Prima Flour retail flour products are available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets, and ingredient shops islandwide. Get in touch with us here for enquiries!


You may also choose to email us at sales.primaflour@prima.com.sg to reach us directly for business enquiries.

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