3 Reasons Why It Is a Good Idea for Bakeries to Offer Healthier Options

‘Healthy indulgence’ is a buzz phrase and the best-of-both-worlds approach to eating that has been gaining popularity over the years, as more consumers are opting for cleaner and healthier alternatives. As more seek products offering both taste and nutritional value, bakeries can also do their part in helping customers indulge in a guilt-free manner.


Keep reading to find out how your bakery can approach healthier baking and why it is a good idea to provide healthier options.


Tips for transforming into a health-focused bakery


1. Provide nutritional information about your bakes


Take a leaf out of food manufacturers’ books and also provide nutritional information focusing on calories, sugar, sodium and serving size for your baked goods so that customers get to make informed decisions.


For instance, a loaf could be keto-friendly as it is made using wholegrain flour which is lower in carbohydrates while a muffin baked with less sugar has fewer calories and is a safer option for those at a higher risk of type 2 diabetes.


2. Substitute ingredients with healthier alternatives


Substitute ingredients with healthier alternatives-healthier baking


Next, consider substituting some of the common baking ingredients with healthier alternatives to achieve low-fat, low-sugar and high-protein bakes that are great for the health-conscious.


Regular flour can be replaced with wholegrain flour to amp up on fibre and replacing sugar with Stevia, which sweetens the baked good with little to no calories.


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3. Cater to different diets


If you would like to make your bakery even more inclusive, it is important to make sure your bakes cater to different diets.


Keto and vegan diets are some common ones that can be easily achieved by using the right type of flour and switching out dairy and animal byproducts such as eggs with plant-based options.


The benefits of offering healthier options


1. Stand out from the competition


With so many bakeries out there in Singapore, standing out from the competition can be challenging. The failure to differentiate will result in your business blending in with others selling similar products.


But with healthier baking and by offering healthier options, your business sets itself apart from conventional bakeries baking and selling products that can be found anywhere else. This increases brand awareness and loyalty in return which will have positive long-term earning benefits for your bakery.


2. Boost sales


Boost sales-healthier baking


As more and more people are becoming health-conscious, providing healthier alternatives at your bakery will help to boost sales too. According to a study by John Hopkins University, researchers saw a 28% increase in the sale of products labelled with healthy ingredients.


Thus, if your bakery is looking for ways to increase profit, kickstarting its healthier baking journey earlier is one of the ways.


3. Cater to a wider customer base


As a business, it is only natural to want to target a wider customer base to increase sales. Luckily, by offering healthier options, customers who are on different types of diets and have various dietary needs can patronise your bakery to find something suitable for them.


This is also a subtle and great way to market your business, as word-of-mouth recommendations by these customers will help to promote your bakery to more people.


Start offering healthier options today


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