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4 Simple Ways to Make Baking Healthier & Less Sinful

Do you have a penchant for baking or love indulging in savoury baked goods and sweet treats every now and then, but are also worried about the calories and consuming too much sugar? 

In fact, the Health Promotion Board recommends a balanced diet that consists of not more than 10 teaspoons of sugar daily. However, it is simply too easy for us to exceed the daily consumption limit – one kaya bun contains 3.5 teaspoons of sugar while a bowl of mee siam contains a whopping 10 teaspoons of sugar! 

So before you start baking next time, consider incorporating these healthy baking tips into recipes to make indulging in your favourite baked goods less sinful. 

1. Use sugar substitutes

Use sugar substitutes healthy baking

Although sugar is an indispensable ingredient in many baking recipes, it does not mean there are no other alternatives for healthier baking. Fresh fruits like apples and bananas are packed with fibre and can sweeten your baked goods naturally while Stevia has little to no calories, allowing you to enjoy your favourite treats guilt-free. 

Reducing the amount of sugar you use is a good start, so begin by replacing 50% of sugar with a substitute to retain the browning, colour and aroma of your baked goods. 

2. Go for less butter

Go for less butter healthy baking recipes

Butter is known to give both savoury and sweet baked goods a delicious aroma and smooth mouthfeel, but the reality is that it is also high in saturated fat which is bad for cholesterol. Luckily, there are plenty of butter substitutes like Greek yoghurt that can provide baked goods with a similar rich texture and taste. 

If using yoghurt sounds too adventurous, some healthy baking recipes recommend plant-based oil such as olive oil as they contain unsaturated fats that are beneficial for optimum heart health. 

3. Choose dark chocolate

Choose dark chocolate healthy baking recipes

Another simple trick is to choose dark chocolate over milk or white chocolate. The former contains fewer sugar levels and is packed full of important minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc and copper that boost immunity and enhance sleep quality. 

For instance, when baking chocolate chip cookies that require using a high amount of sugar, opting for dark chocolate chips will lessen your overall sugar intake. 

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4. Opt for wholegrain flour

Opt for wholegrain flour healthy baking recipes

Most recipes call for plain white flour but an easy tip to make baking healthier is to swap out a portion of it with wholegrain flour, which is high in fibre to improve digestion and nutrients to lower the risk of heart disease as well as type 2 diabetes. 

Wholegrain flour also helps you to feel full faster to prevent overeating, keeping your weight in check even while savouring calorie-laden baked goods. 

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Start your healthy baking journey today

Start your healthy baking journey today healthy baking recipes

Creating healthier versions of your favourite baked goods is easier than you think. With these tips, turning decadent baking recipes into healthier ones will also be a fun experience where you get to experiment in the kitchen!  

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